our story

As children we were surrounded by relatives who wore extravagant Ghanaian cloths at family gatherings. We were amazed at the colour and patterns that made up these cloths. We often would dress up in these patterned cloths which bought an array of colour to our play time as children. Our Grandmas would wear colourful cloths and head scarves everyday which were a fashion statement long before its time.

The colourful traditional kente cloth is worn by the kings and queens of Ghana and this ‘kente’ cloth was adorned by our family members at cultural functions and special occasions such as Ghana Independence Day. Our visual identities speak volumes about who we are as individuals.

Over the years through our travels around the world, we have collected beautiful African hand woven clothing that represents the quintessential African culture we grew up with and as such, we were influenced by.

Our handmade cotton clothing, shoes and accessories are full of bright and colourful patterns and textures that express the style and culture of our heritage. Our Hilda clothing is uplifting, vibrant appealing to the senses. Our eye catching pieces’ range from everyday clothing to runway.

Founders Rebekah & Jemima

Founders Rebekah & Jemima