It all started when…

Recently we spent time with family in Ghana. We visited many local businesses, many of which were struggling to sell the items they had made. These businesses were made up of  local seamstresses, jewellery makers and shoe makers. The business buildings itself were made out of a large cut out containers with no windows and no toilet. Some were sitting in front of open sewage. These local seamstresses, jewellery and shoemakers were highly skilled and having someone buy one of their items allowed them to have food for their family for the week.

Hearing the story of a man called Kwaku who chased me down the street begging for me to buy a handmade fan,

Please I have made these myself, sometimes it will take me all day to make one handmade fan because I do not have the tools so it’s a slow process, please buy something, help me so I have something to live on.

This got us thinking there are so many people like this that need some support. Hilda now provides ongoing jobs which support the amazing woman and communities within Ghana.


This support is a step to tackling the poverty problem that is inherent throughout Ghana. It is no longer just about giving handouts to the poor along the streets as was being done in the past but empowering the people to have employment where they are being paid a decent and ethical wage.

Many families struggle to take their children to school due to poverty, they need to eat and have shelter so some girls and boys are having to sell water to people in cars and trucks all day to get some money for their families. This road selling is dangerous as they are seen weaving around cars in heavy traffic often going at fast speeds. Some of these people get severely injured.


Many of these people are willing to work because they have the skills, they just need help to set up a profitable business. It was through observing life on the ground in Ghana and seeing these needs that Hilda was formed.

Our brand Hilda hopes TO BRING LIFE TO DARK PLACES and unfortunately these needs often go overlooked especially within Ghana. Being able to help to empower local seamstresses, jewellery and shoe makers earn a living, brings a sense of hope to these amazing people, knowing that people in Australia care about their welfare.
We look forward to seeing people’s lives in Ghana transformed and little by little help to break the back of poverty.