Hilda is a collection of luxurious, bright batik fashion, homewares and accessories, from Ghana, west Africa. Hilda was established by Australian-born Ghanaian sisters Afua and Akua-Jemima after several visits to their hometown. Noticing the struggle many women face to support their families there, they combined their passion for sustainability and fashion to start their own brand. Hilda now provides regular employment, supporting the amazing women and their communities in Ghana.

Hilda consists of a team of skilled, local Ghanaian seamstresses and craftsmen who create unique and handmade artisan pieces. Adorned by Kings and Queens of Ghana, the bright batik prints are embedded in Ghanaian culture, bringing joy, beauty and a sense of identity and belonging. Hilda is excited to share this beautiful tradition through their brand with you.


In 2019, Hilda put together a new team of Australian seamstresses who now create Hilda pieces using material from Ghana and handmade here in Sydney, Australia.
Hilda is named after Afua, and Akua-Jemima's mum who was born and raised in the villages of Ghana.